Stober Group acquired ‘Tiny Town’ Campground


The site was improved and rebranded to Willow Creek Family Campground


Stober Group acquire the additional 1.0 Acre parcel from the City of Kelowna


Stober Group teamed up with a development partner to begin the planning process.

January – July 2019

The development team worked closely with the City of Kelowna Planning staff to come up with an initial rezoning application package

July 2019

The rezoning proposal was presented to the community in the form of a public information open house at Okanagan College

September 2019

Stober Group decided to take back and reassess the project based on the feedback from the community

October 2019

Stober Group engaged a local consulting team and together they openly engaged the community stakeholders for their feedback resulting in a redesign of the project

October 2019 – Present

The development team reimagined the project based on the feedback from the community. Options considered were:

Low to Midrise wood frame rental apartment development

Highrise small footprint ‘twin’ towers at 20 – 25 stories tall
Midrise concrete market housing under the 14 storey height of SOPA Square development

January 2020

COVID19 Crisis began and the community consultation process had to be reconsidered

April 2020

A virtual online public consultation program was envisioned as the way to deliver the promises made to the community to come back and share what we had heard and to show what that vision could look like

June 2020

The Virtual Public Consultation went live