1.0 Development Proposal

Project Introduction
The Residences at 3340 Lakeshore is a proposed mixed-use development situated on 4.4 acres, located on the interface between Kelowna South/Gyro Beach and the fast-redeveloping South Pandosy ‘Urban Village’ to the north. The project site occupies a strategic location in Kelowna where the urban fabric transitions from an urban ‘street grid’ neighborhood to the north to a residential, linear neighborhood to the south. This location is a gateway site that connects retail, recreational and residential areas to the urban centre. The vision for this key location is to create a next level of design for this part of Kelowna that includes generous sidewalks with functional public spaces and other interesting public amenities such as artwork and places to sit, reflect, gather, and celebrate.

The Rezoning Application
A rezoning of the property from C1 (local Commercial) and C9 (tourist Commercial) to C4 (Urban Centre Commercial) is sought to allow the detailed design of a proposed mixed-use development that will include ground-oriented townhouses and live-work studios, residential condominiums and pedestrian-oriented retail, restaurant and community use spaces. The development is also to include generous sidewalk areas large public outdoor amenity areas.

We will be requesting the approval of residential condominium heights above the eight-storey limit currently permitted in the C4 zone for gateway locations. Previous height variances within the Mission/Pandosy Urban Centre have been approved when community benefits and high-quality
architectural design have been demonstrated. The Residences at 3340 are proposed to be terraced upward from three stories along Watt Road up to 10 and 14 stories respectively facing Lakeshore Road.

The Development Principles
The project development team met and consulted with community stakeholders, local neighborhood groups and individuals as well as City of Kelowna staff to create a masterplan with a ‘vision’ that follows grounded development principles:

A. Built Form

  • Distribute building massing to reflect the scale and context of adjacent neighbours and streetscape. From a design perspective this means the placement of taller buildings along the commercial Lakeshore Road frontage and lower buildings along the Watt Road and Lanfranco Road frontages in order to strengthen their relationship with the neighbors.
  • Terraced building forms to minimize shadowing
  • Separate buildings with generous space between to provide ‘views through the site’
  • Breakdown buildings into smaller scale pieces to help create an ‘urban village’
  • Maintain the look of a two storey ‘podium’ on all four frontages as a means to keep the pedestrian realm at a relatable scale and character.

B. Character

  • Incorporate a cohesive design with a high degree of variation
  • Reinforce a sense of place through highly textured pedestrian zones.
  • Quality building exterior fabric to provide social space, weather protection, lighting and signage.

C. Community Amenities

  • Provide wide sidewalks to support multiple levels of pedestrian activity
  • Develop multi-modal transportation opportunities for biking, transit, pedestrians and vehicles.
  • Plant with native, non-invasive and drought tolerant landscaping
  • Ground oriented residential to provide Crime Prevention through ‘eyes on the street’

F. Parking

  • Discreet access to off street parking from Lanfranco and City Parking areas.
  • Parking areas completely hidden from view behind active residential and commercial frontages.
  • Incorporate bicycle parking and storage

Community Benefits & Infrastructure Improvements
The Stober Group has been a leading developer in Kelowna spanning over two generations and 60 years. We believe that The Residences at 3340 Lakeshore will truly be a high-water mark in the Stober Group’s development portfolio. In addition, the Stober group will continue to work with the City of Kelowna, residents and other stakeholders to refine the vision for this project.

High quality Streetscape
People directly experience their environment on the ground plane and at eye level. In response, this project focuses on providing high value public amenities at street level. This proposal (by setting the buildings well back from the property lines in excess of City bylaw requirements) provides wide sidewalks well beyond City requirements. Attention has been given to ensure these sidewalks are developed using interesting and high-quality materials that are regionally relevant and reflect Kelowna’s history, climate, colours and landscape. The multi-modal active transportation development on the Lanfranco Extension the north will provide new access points that will connect the city and help open up the waterfront to the public.

The Stober Group is committed to working with the consultant team, the City of Kelowna and the community to respect, and improve where possible, the environment. A major community benefit of the project will be the completion of the environmentally-sensitive riparian property at the north end of the site for a future city park.

2.0 Site Context

Road Access and Context
The property for The Residences at 3340 Lakeshore is bounded by Watt Road, Lakeshore Road, City Parking areas and the (to be constructed) ‘multi-modal’ extension of Lanfranco Road.

Development Agreements
The Stober Group and the City of Kelowna have entered into a land agreement that provides a series of mutual benefits. As part of the agreement, The Stober Group will construct new public improvements, including:

  • The extension of Lanfranco Road with multi-modal transportation opportunities.
  • A 560m section of the ATC along Watt Road
  • Curbside improvements along Lanfranco to Gordon RD
  • Full traffic signalization along Lanfranco at Lakeshore RD and Gordon RD
  • A pedestrian friendly connection of Gyro Beach to the ‘Urban Village’ district.
  • Dedication of land for new park (to be developed by the City)

3.0 Urban Design Principles

The Residences at 3340 Lakeshore are guided by key design principles of pedestrian connectivity, human-scaled elements and a sensitive distribution of density in response to the neighborhood context. As a result of this response, the Residences at 3340 Lakeshore have an iconic and appropriate form and detail that reinforces its contextual relationship to this important neighborhood.

Pedestrian Connectivity
Wide sidewalks to support multiple levels of pedestrian activity. As noted elsewhere, attention has been given to ensure these sidewalks are developed using interesting and high-quality materials that are regionally relevant and reflect Kelowna’s history, climate, colours and landscape. Sidewalk area design elements include ‘designed’ paving treatments, planting, lighting, signage, protective canopies, pocket parks and street furniture to provide opportunities for access, rest and socializing. In addition, the multi-modal active transportation development on the Lanfranco Extension the north will provide new access points that will connect the city and help open up the waterfront to the public.

Human Scaled Elements
The Residences at 3340 Lakeshore will be experienced (primarily) at a human scale from the sidewalk, through its podium or base. The podium is of key importance and, in response, has been highly detailed and articulated into smaller elements. It varies in height between 2 and 3 stories and is activated, depending on the surrounding context, by ground-oriented townhomes, restaurants with patios as well as retail, commercial and residential lobby areas. The podium is also interrupted by interesting ‘pocket parks’ along Lakeshore and Watt roads as well as generous corner setbacks that will include community elements such as art, landscape, bench seating, bike parking and patio areas.

Distribution of Density & Permeability
The placement of two buildings over the podium (with partial tower elements; both slightly taller than the 8 stories maximum noted by zoning) allow smaller footprints and views through the site (rather than the ‘view-blocking’ walls of a long, low rise structure). Ground oriented townhomes and live-work studios will provide for “eyes on the street” while, at the same time (using design elements such as level changes, patios and gateways) keeping them private and comfortable for the residents.

4.0 Masterplan Framework

Gyro Beach Park is one of Kelowna’s most beloved waterfront parks and the ‘Urban Village’ precinct to the north is one of Kelowna’s most well used and premier shopping areas. This development of new sidewalks on Lakeshore Road will create a vital pedestrian link of City to Waterfront. With the recent completion of The Shore and other upcoming projects on surrounding properties (as well as the multi-modal transportation corridor of the Lanfranco extension) this location will continue to grow in use and importance beyond the immediate neighborhood to the entire City.

With the completion of the Lanfranco multi-modal transportation corridor this location will continue to
grow in use and importance beyond the immediate neighborhood and into the entire City of Kelowna.

Car Access & Parking
Vehicular access to the development site has been design in accordance with the City of Kelowna’s
planning and engineering guidance. Access from the south side (phase 1) will be from city parking access
and access from north side (phase 2) will be from the new Lanfranco Road extension that forms part of
the project development agreement.

A major transit bus stop has been located on Lakeshore Road and its required infrastructure will be supported in the landscape design of the sidewalk and surrounding areas.

5.0 Site Design Parameters

Building Character
We have been continuously refining the building design in response to comments received in the public engagement and community consultation completed to date. Two stepped and gently curved mid-rise buildings have emerged from this process in an interesting, engaging and dynamic way. We are extremely pleased at how appropriate in size and scale they are for the site.

Key design principles are listed below:

  1. Terrace Buildings: Reduce massing at Watt Road while provide usable and green terrace.
  2. Curved Balconies: Provide a ‘soft’ interface with the use of curved balcony elements.
  3. Articulated Podium: Reduce massing and create human scaled visual interest using smaller massing elements for the building podium
  4. Inter-connecting forms: Two buildings that are separate and yet related with ‘interconnecting’ forms to create a dynamic and interesting composition and reduce the appearance of building mass.
  5. Human Scaled Street: Streetscape design using detailed components, ‘pocket-parks’, usable open space, blade signage, canopies, sunshades, trellises, planters, and careful lighting design to create a human-centred environment.

6.0 Development Phasing

Phase 1

  • Building 1 (south) including portion of related parkade located north of the existing City-owned “Gyro Beach / Boyce” parking lot.

Phase 2

  • Building 2 (north) including portion of related parkade located adjacent to Lanfranco extension and new City Park.

7.0 Conclusion

The Stober Group is committed to developing this property in a way that is meaningful to the community. We believe that The Residences at 3340 Lakeshore brings world class architecture and vibrant public spaces to this all-important location that connects “Lake and City”. We are confident the soft, terraced building forms, contemporary architecture and a pedestrian scale public interface with the rest of the community will bring a new high-water mark in the design of our City.