Adjacent lands uses are as follows:

  • West of the site is Watt Road which accommodates one and two storey lakefront strata townhome/ duplex complexes as well as a public beach access point;
  • North of the site is the future Lanfranco Road connection between Lakeshore and Watt Roads. It also accommodates the riparian area of Fascieux Creek (to be included within the Fascieux Creek linear park which is detailed elsewhere in this presentation) and neighbouring 4-storey multifamily buildings;
  • East of the site – is Lakeshore Road and fronting Lakeshore on the east side, several commercial / retail complexes consisting of 1 to 3 storey buildings and associated surface parking lots; and
  • South of the site is the popular Boyce-Gyro Park and associated surface parking lots.

The site also has considerable gateway qualities- it is located at the southern boundary of the South Pandosy area, clearly identifying it as an entryway to the neighbourhood and it marks the transition between the City ‘grid’ to the north and the Lakeshore neighbourhood to the south. The directional change of Lakeshore Road from the south to north occurs at this location creating a substantial view terminus, travelling from the south.