Community input has shaped this design response.

Over the past year we heard:

  • The plan presented last year was a surprise to the neighbourhood. The project was too dense and too big, did not adequately consider the potential neighbourhood impact; The presentation lacked enough detail to fully understand what was being proposed;
  • The ‘streetscape’ and public realm should be critical elements of the design and need to be generous, welcoming and an enhancement for the whole neighbourhood;
  • Building height and density should be oriented towards Lakeshore Road;
  • Parking is an issue, especially in the summer months. There must be enough parking to adequately accommodate residential commercial, retail and visitor users;
  • Traffic is an important consideration and traffic movements need to respect the capacity limits of Lakeshore Road and the surrounding roads;
  • The design must fit with and complement the character of the neighbourhood;
  • Building scale at the street is very important. A ‘street wall’ type of building along Lakeshore is not desirable;
  • Kelowna residents (not vacationers) should have the first opportunity to purchase units and to ‘live, work and play’ in this neighbourhood.