2030 OCP Parameters

The property is designated as Mixed Use (Residential/Commercial – MXR) within the 2030 OCP which applies to:

“Developments that provide for commercial floor space on the ground floor or above, with additional potential for residential units above the ground floor.”

The OCP identifies housing as one of the ten goals for creating a sustainable future, specifically outlining the need to:

“Address housing needs of all residents by working towards an adequate supply of a variety of housing” (OCP, 2013 – goal 2).

The property also lies within the South Pandosy Urban Centre, one of five designated Urban Centers within the Official Community Plan. This description is applied to:

“A vibrant, amenity-rich area wherein different land uses frequently occur within the same building and almost always occur within a one-block area. Town Centres contain a variety of housing types, the presence of which contributes to social diversity. Town Centres are highly urbanized, pedestrian-friendly environments that draw people for work, shopping, and recreation from a broad community of approximately 25,000 residents living within approximately 2 kilometres.”


Proposed C-4 Zoning

The property is currently zoned C1 and C9.

Stober Group has applied to rezone the property to the C-4 zone (Urban Centre Commercial) which is consistent with the OCP policy for this area. The project is being designed to conform to the C4 zone guidelines except with respect to the building height. The final height will be determined following public consultation through the Development Permitting process.