Traffic management is a key component of the planning process and the City of Kelowna is responsible for determining the requirements to be met on traffic management and infrastructure upgrades.

As part of the application, Aplin & Martin are preparing a Traffic Impact Assessment which will prescribe infrastructure improvements that will be needed as a part of the development program. The City of Kelowna provides the terms of reference for that study and assesses the recommendations that are made. At this point, although the TIA has not been completed, the preliminary findings indicate alignment with the information provided here. The expected recommendations for improvements include the requirement to:

  • Design and construct the extension of Lanfranco between Lakeshore Road and Watt Road;
  • Design and construct full signalization at Lanfranco and Lakeshore Road;
  • Design and construct full signalization at Lanfranco and Gordon Road;
  • Design and construct an extension of the Alternative Transportation corridor (pedestrian, bicycles) along the Watt Road corridor between Lakeshore and Walnut Road.

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Transportation Impact Assessment

The intersections of Lanfranco Road & Lakeshore Road and Richter Street & Lakeshore Road we’re analyzed based on peak morning and evening hour traffic trips for existing traffic loading, traffic loading for the proposed development, and traffic loading for a 10-year horizon which included the proposed development’s added traffic trips. In their existing condition, the intersections studied have a delay of 23 seconds or less at peak times; with the addition of a full signalized intersection of Lanfranco Road & Lakeshore Road as part of the Lanfranco Road extension, the intersections will all have a delay of 27 seconds or less post development, and a delay of 47 seconds or less at 10-year post development conditions. The existing intersection configuration of Richter Street & Lakeshore Road can accommodate the additional traffic generated by the proposed development.

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