Thank you for your ‘virtual’ feedback…

Thank you for the feedback that you recently provided for the proposed redevelopment of the Willow Creek Campground property at 3340 Lakeshore Road.  

The design process for 3340 Lakeshore has presented an interesting challenge because the size of the property and its’ central/walkable location make it an ideal candidate for the multi-family housing concept being presented while the surrounding neighbourhood - which is also home both to existing multi and single family residences and to a number of busy commercial and recreational amenities - requires a strong commitment to thoughtful, contextual design. 

A successful project is the result of a design process that includes a broad range of community perspectives and the Design Team is very pleased that so many people responded to the recent ‘virtual open house’.  This initiative has provided us with important additional feedback on the plan that was created in response to neighbourhood and community input over the past year.   

This update has been created to provide more in-depth rationale for the proposed design and answers to several of the most frequently asked questions contained within your feedback on the presentation. 

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Where will the parking be located and how much is being provided? 

The website material on this page contains additional information including a clear link to the parking section which was recently provided. In summary, the proposal provides for the creation of 3 levels of parking located within the building podium (invisible from the street) and accessed from the adjacent side roads. A total of 477 parking stalls is being proposed, the maximum that can be provided under the bylaw, including residential, retail/commercial and visitor parking. 

What traffic improvements are proposed for the area?

3340 Lakeshore is a large, central and walkable property and a key element of the planning for this project is the creation of housing options that can capitalize on that walkability and thereby reduce the number of car-trips that are required by future residents.

Extension by 560 meters of the City’s Alternative Transportation Corridor (ATC) along Watt Road between Lakeshore and Walnut Road is an additional commitment to the City’s carless infrastructure planning.

The Traffic Impact Assessment is now being completed and we expect the following recommendations for traffic management improvements:
Construction of a new section of Lanfranco Road, between Lakeshore and Watt Roads – to a full urban  standard, including signalization of the intersection at Lakeshore Road. This new section of road has been planned for many years and will complete the road network – and according to the traffic engineers, will improve traffic flows in the whole neighbourhood, south of Cedar Road.


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What is the rationale for the proposed building heights?

The current design responds to the input we received during neighbourhood consultation. 

Several different massing configurations were considered (shown here) and the size of the property provides the ability to distribute density in a way that addresses the needs of adjacent residential neighbours as well as the ability to ‘step’ the density towards Lakeshore, the commercial corridor. The size of the property also enables us to “pick multiple heights” to respond to different perspectives and still achieve a reasonable density.

A lower, bulkier, monolithic building form (‘street wall’) was considered imposing to the street and reduces the ability to provide additional space and create a generous public realm on the ground plane. Final building heights will be determined within the Development Permit process which follows rezoning.  

How does the plan help address housing affordability?

Willow Creek campground currently accommodates only temporary recreational uses and there are no permanent dwellings on this site. The campground will be closed when redevelopment occurs.

Although Stober Group has traditionally focused on the creation of rental housing, the rental housing sector is very well-served in this neighbourhood. This proposal provides options to diversify the local housing mix and the neighbourhood character. A range of unit sizes and orientations will provide opportunities for homes for a variety of household formations. An increase in the supply of walkable, central housing is one part of the solution towards creating more affordable housing in our community.

How does the community benefit and will you be paying the Parks DCC that was recently adopted? 

A full list of the benefits that accompany this proposal can be found here, however key benefits include:

  • Dedication of property for Lanfranco Road and for Fascieux Creek Linear Park.
  • Construction of Lanfranco Road and full signalization at Lanfranco and Lakeshore.
  • Construction of 560 meter extension of Alternative Transportation Corridor and upgrades to Watt Road.
  • Over $8.0 million in Development Cost Charge payments to the City, including approximately $4.6 million in Parks DCC’s.

What sustainable building design features will be incorporated into the project?

Development of a large, centrally-located, walkable site for quality multi-family housing is an excellent opportunity to provide housing closer to services and amenities, a City planning strategy that helps to mitigate overall traffic impacts of housing demand growth.

This project will meet the current BC Building Code energy efficiency requirements for sustainability and will be LEEDS certified. Specific building design features that relate to energy efficiency will be part of the design work that occurs with the Development Permit process.


Next Steps…

Submit Updated Rezoning Application:     August, 2020 
City Review & Consideration:        Fall, 2020
Construction Start (Lanfranco Road):    Spring, 2021    
Marketing/Sales Information:    Summer, 2021

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